The following permissions:

  • Conversation > Call > Add
  • Routing > Agent > OnQueue
  • Routing > Queue > Join
  • Routing > Queue > Search
  • Routing > Queue > View

Voice interactions are calls that appear in the Interactions panel and are related to queues. Unlike other calls made from Genesys Cloud, because these calls are associated with a queue, you receive credit for these calls.

Voice interactions can be any of the following:

  • Part of an outbound campaign, like a fundraiser or sale
  • Outbound calls placed by the agent on behalf of a queue to contact a specific person and still receive metrics
  • Inbound calls placed by customers, like a help hotline

Genesys Cloud uses automatic call distribution (ACD) to route inbound voice interactions and outbound campaign voice interactions to agents in queues. Genesys Cloud routes calls to agents based on a queue’s evaluation and routing methods. For example, Genesys Cloud could route a call to you because you speak the same language as the customer, have a particular skill, or are the next available agent. 

Agent utilization also affects when Genesys Cloud assigns an agent a call. Agent utilization determines which interactions that an agent can have at the same time. It also determines how many of each type of interaction an agent can interact with at one time. For example, you can receive a voice interaction you handle other types of interactions. For more information about handling multiple interactions at the same time, see Manage multiple interactions.

Note: During calls, agents can find and send canned responses and use a script to guide them through interactions. Scripts prompt the agent to ask questions or allow them to update contact information. To ask for help from a supervisor during a chat interaction, you can use Agent assistance.