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CX workspace CX digital agent workspace

The following content applies to the CX agent workspace.

To access user settings, click your profile picture in the sidebar.

The side panel showing a pointer on the user's image along with the User Settings window

Configure user settings 

Setting To configure 
View your profile To view and customize your profile, click the larger profile picture. For more information, see Profile page.
Set your presence status

Select your presence and status. Presence indicators appear as colored rings around profile pictures. Presence appears as the following:

  • Green for Available
  • Red for Busy
  • Yellow for Away
  • Yellow for Break
  • Yellow for Meal
  • Red for Meeting
  • Yellow for Training
  • Pink for Out of Office

For more information, see Change presence and status.

View your organization name Your organization name appears below your name, next to the building icon. If you are member of more than one organization, Genesys Cloud also shows the name of the organization you are currently logged into. For more information, see Organization names and log in.
Share your current geolocation

The geolocation indicator under your name and title lets others know your current geolocation. If the administrator enabled geolocation for your organization, you can choose to share your current location with others.

  • To enable Genesys Cloud to share your geolocation in the Windows desktop app, click Preferences and then click the General tab.
  • In the Mac desktop app, Apple Location Services manages geolocation. For more information, see Share your current geolocation.
  • In the browser app, the web browser manages your location setting. For more information, see Share your current geolocation.
Add a custom message To provide additional information about your presence, status, or location, for example, “Back at noon,” Type a brief message next to the quote icon. For more information, see Change presence and status.
Select your phone To make and receive calls or to select a different phone, select a phone. Type the phone name in the Search field next to and select it from the suggestion menu. For more information, see Select a phone and Select the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone as your phone.
Forward your calls To enable call forwarding and to configure a forwarding number, click Forward My Calls. For more information, see Forward incoming calls.
Select your Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone settings To select your microphone and speaker if you selected a Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone, select WebRTC Settings. For more information, see Select the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone.
Choose queues to work (Agents) To access the Active and Available Queues lists and to specify queues, click Activate Queues. This setting applies to agents. For more information, see Choose queues to work.
View the elapsed time elapsed for your current status (Agents) Genesys Cloud displays the elapsed time for your status. Monitor the time spent on breaks and lunches. This setting applies to agents. For more information, see Status timer for agents
Set Out of Office status To provide a start date and time for periods you are away, click Out of Office. Optionally, include the end date and time. For more information, see Change presence and status.
Access your Preferences

To customize settings for sound, ringtones, notifications, chat, password, voicemail PIN, language and other options, click Preferences.

Note: Some preferences are specific to the app you that you use: browser, Windows desktop, or Mac desktop. For more information, see Change browser app preferences, Change Windows desktop app preferences, and Change Mac desktop app preferences.

Log out To log out of Genesys Cloud, click Logout. For more information, see Log out.
The following content applies to the CX digital agent workspace.

Menu controls allows you to customize the workspace, listen to recordings, set hotkeys, get online help, change password, and inspect your personal reports.

Opens the Menu Controls image

  • Click Language to choose the language of your Desktop. Currently available options are: English, German, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean.
  • In Settings, you can set if you want to confirm the end of chats, messages and e-mail threads, and set keyboard shortcuts.
  • navigates you to the Genesys website.
  • Online Help navigates to the online community portal.
  • Click Logout to log out of the CX digital agent workspace.

Supervisor's workspace

Click the Supervisor's workspace icon to access queue activity and performance data.

Open the supervisor workspace

For more information, see Queues Activity Summary view.