Agent presence, status, and activity indicators

All users can change their status to Available, Busy, Away, Break, Meal, Meeting, Training, or Out of Office. These statuses determine whether Genesys Cloud sends a user’s incoming calls to voicemail. For more information about these statuses, see Presence, status, and activity indicators. In addition to these primary statuses, your admins can set secondary statuses that are unique to your organization.

These additional features are specific to agents:

  • Agents can change their status to On Queue to allow them to accept interactions.
  • Agents can see the time elapsed in the status indicator for their current status. For more information, see Status timer for agents.
  • Agents’ presence and status also factor into reports. These reports enable supervisors to see how long agents are on queue, handling interactions, taking breaks, or participating in meetings or training. 

Types of status, presence, and activity specific to agents

Presence indicators appear as colored rings around profile pictures. Status indicators are the words that are the same color as the presence indicator. An agent’s current activity displays as words or icons near the status.

Presence, status, or activity Indicator Description
On Queue Presence On Queue The agent is idle and available to accept new interactions. Unlike other presences, agents set their status to On Queue from the top menu bar instead of in user settings. 
On Queue and working with interactions On Queue with interactions The agent is On Queue and handling interactions. Genesys Cloud displays the number and type of interactions that the agent is currently handling. 
On Queue and Not Responding Agent not responding The agent is On Queue but has declined an interaction or did not accept an interaction within a specific amount of time. Declined or not answered interactions re-enter the queue. While Not Responding, the agent does not receive new interactions, but they can continue any interactions they have already accepted. Agents stay On Queue and Not Responding until they make themselves eligible for interactions again, choose another status, go Off Queue, or log out. 

  • When you log on to Genesys Cloud, your default status is Available.
  • When you change your status or presence, the change takes effect immediately.