Test data actions for integrations

Note: This article applies to the AWS Lambda, Microsoft Dynamics 365, PureCloud, Salesforce, web services, and Zendesk data actions integrations.

You can test data actions for the data actions integrations. 

Note: For security purposes, when the web services data actions integration tests custom auth actions for the User Defined (OAuth) credential type or custom actions for User Defined and User (OAuth) credential types, the integration redacts all credential information. For more information about credential types, see Credential types.
Warning: Do not include sensitive data in your action. Test displays the entire request and response payload under Operations, including sensitive data.
  1. On the Setup page, click the Test tab. For more information, see Manage actions for integrations.

    Test runs various operations to check for errors.

  2. Under Input, add information for the fields that appear.

    These fields are defined in the Input Contract. For custom actions, if you completed the Input Contract but no fields appear here, then refresh your browser. For more information, see Add contracts to custom actions.

  3. Keep Flatten output selected.

    This selection flattens the data returned from the Output Contract. For more information, see Add contracts to custom actions.

    Note: Most PureCloud applications use flattened data.

  4. Click Run Action.

    The action executes in test mode, which reports test results at each operation. The test stops after the first failure. For more information about failures, see Data action fails during testing.

    Information for AWS Lambda data actions integration and web services data actions integration users

    • Running the action hits your AWS Lambda function and your external web service.
    • If testing returns errors for items that are correct, such as “Invalid JSON” for correct JSON, the transfer encoding that your web service and PureCloud uses could be incompatible. For more information, see Custom action fails for unexpected reason.

    Manage Actions Setup tab Test screen in PureCloud


For more information, see About custom actions for integrations and How many seconds before a data action times out?.

For more information about the integrations, see About the AWS Lambda data actions integration, About the Microsoft Dynamics 365 data actions integration, About the PureCloud data actions integration, About the Salesforce data actions integration, About the web services data actions integration, and About the Zendesk data actions integration.