Note: This article applies to the AWS Lambda, Genesys Cloud, Google, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, web services, and Zendesk data actions integrations.


You can create custom actions for use in the data actions integrations. Custom actions allow you to expand the type of actions you can perform on your data beyond the default static actions. You can create the custom actions by inputting contacts and configurations directly, importing JSON files, or copying static or other custom actions to use as templates.

Create custom actions

Custom actions include input and output contracts and request and response configurations. You can use Velocity macros in the request and response configurations. Before publishing a custom action, you can test the custom action for validation and execution errors.

Work with custom actions

You can edit, copy, or delete a published or unpublished custom action. You can also import or export a data action for use within a Genesys Cloud organization or across Genesys Cloud organizations. You can test both unpublished and published custom actions. 


For general troubleshooting, test published and unpublished custom actions for validation and execution errors.