Create a custom action for integrations

Note: This article applies to the AWS Lambda, Microsoft Dynamics 365, PureCloud, Salesforce, web services, and Zendesk data actions integrations.

When you add and activate a data action integration, PureCloud automatically adds static actions for that particular integration. 

You can also create custom actions in PureCloud for use with your data actions integrations. Either copy an existing action (static or custom) to use as a template, or follow these steps to create an entirely new action. When you add an action, you can either add contracts and configuration or import them from another data action. For more information, see Edit, copy, or delete a data action and Import or export a data action.

  1. Go to the Actions page in your PureCloud organization.
    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under Integrations, click Actions.

      The Actions page appears. For more information, see Manage actions for integrations.

  2. Add an action.
    1. Click Add Action.

      The Which integration will use this action? dialog box appears.

    2. Click an integration in the list that you want to use this action. Or enter an integration name in the Search box to browse your installed integrations. 
      Note: Only integrations that you have already installed appear in the list. For a list of data actions integrations that you can install, see About integrations.
    3. Type a name for your action. 
    4. Click Add.

      The Summary page for the new action appears. For more information, see Manage individual actions for integrations.

  3. (Optional) Under the Summary tab, select HIPAA/Secure Data.

    If you select HIPAA/Secure Data, you can only use the action as a Call Secure Data action in secure flows. For more information, see About secure call flows.

  4. Add contracts
  5. Add configuration
  6. Test the action.
  7. Save the action.
    1. To save a draft, click Save Draft.
    2. To publish the action, click Save & Publish
      Note: After you publish an action, you cannot change the HIPAA/Secure Data selection or the contracts. However, you can modify the configuration. For more information, see Modify configuration in custom actions

After publishing a custom action, you can use it throughout PureCloud. 

For more information, see About custom actions for integrations and Can data actions use XML rather than JSON?.

For more information about the integrations, see About the AWS Lambda data actions integration, About the Microsoft Dynamics 365 data actions integration, About the PureCloud data actions integration, About the Salesforce data actions integration, About the web services data actions integration, and About the Zendesk data actions integration.