Send an emoji in a message interaction

  1. In the Enter message window, click the emoji icon.

  2. At the top of the emoji menu, select a category and scroll to view different emoji in each category.

    Skin tone picker: Feature coming soon

    To change the skin tone of the emojis in the people tab, click the cog icon and select the skin tone you want to use.
  3. Select an emoji.

  4. To send your message with the emoji, press Enter.

  • Some emoji appear differently based on operating system and configuration. Certain emoji are not supported on all systems and may not appear as intended; for example:
  • Some messaging platforms feature non-unicode images they call emoji. Genesys Cloud only supports standard, unicode-based emojis and may be unable to properly display non-standard ones.
  • On some messaging platforms, sending an emoji with another emoji or with text results in the receipt of text representations instead of images.image ot text and emoji sent together