The following permissions:

  • Conversation > Message > Create
  • Routing > Queue > View

Send a message on behalf of a queue is an option that allows you to send an outbound message on behalf of an inbound queue without going On Queue. The On Behalf of Queue option lets you send an outbound message related to a queue without receiving other interactions. You receive credit for the interaction because this action associates the statistics with the selected queue. These message interactions count toward the utilization rules that your administrator sets.

For more information about message interactions, see Work with message interactions.

  • When you send a message to an external contact, Genesys Cloud automatically tries to verify the contact based on the message identifier that you use. The verification process creates the interaction history.
  • For more information about external contacts, including how to view the interaction history, see Work with an external contact during an interaction.
  • The message threading timeline determines how long message conversations remain open.
  • If an existing conversation is in the queue or assigned to an agent, then you cannot start an outbound message to that contact.
  • If a conversation is open but not assigned, then you receive a prompt that asks if you want to take over the existing conversation.

To send a message on behalf of a queue, follow these steps: 

  1. From the sidebar, click Interactions. The Interactions icon 
  2. Depending on your permissions, do one of the following:
    • At the top of the Conversations roster, click Start a conversation .
      The Start a conversion window opens. Click the Send Message tab.
    • At the top of the Conversations roster, click Start a conversation .
      The Send Message window opens.
  3. From the list, select the message channel for the message that you want to send.
  4. In the On Behalf of Queue field, type the first few characters of the queue name. From the list of queues that match the input, click the correct queue.
    Note: Only queues that you belong to appear in the list.
  5. In the bottom field, type the message identifier for the person you want to send the message. Alternatively, begin to type a name and, from the list of suggested matches, select the person that you want to message and press Enter.
    • To see all matches, click All .
    • To filter by Genesys Cloud users, click Users .
    • To filter by queues, click Queues .
    • To filter by External Contacts, click External Contact .
      • To send a message to more than one person, repeat this step. To remove a recipient before you send the message, click Remove .
      • If you enter a WhatsApp phone number, include the country code and area code in addition to the number. Do not include the International Direct Dialing icon.
    1. Click the green button or press Enter. Genesys Cloud displays the message as an interaction in the Conversations roster.
    2. Type your message and press Enter.
    3. To end the interaction, click End Messages.
    4. Complete any after call work needed for the interaction.
      Note: Interactions on behalf of queue inherit the ACW that your admin configures for the queue.

    Message interaction considerations

    Genesys Cloud supports the ability to send a message on behalf of a queue for SMS and WhatsApp. Some third-party messaging platforms enforce their own policies that you must know about. 

    Platform Considerations