Queue missing an outbound SMS number

Note: This article applies to PureCloud Embeddable Framework, PureCloud for Chrome, PureCloud for Firefox, PureCloud for Salesforce, and PureCloud for Zendesk.

You start to send an SMS message and receive the following message: 

Error message about queue lacking an outbound sms number

When you send an SMS message, you send it on behalf of a queue. You must be a member of this queue and the queue must have an outbound SMS number associated with it. The outbound SMS number indicates to the recipient who the SMS message is from. For more information about configuring queues, see Edit or delete queues

For more information, see Send an SMS message.

For more information about the integrations, see About the PureCloud browser extensionsAbout PureCloud Embeddable Framework, About PureCloud for Salesforce, and About PureCloud for Zendesk.