The following permissions (included in the default Quality Administrator role):

  • Quality > Calibration > View
  • Quality > Evaluation > Add

To view the Quality Administrator dashboard, click Performance Overview. Then click Quality Admin. The Quality Administrator dashboard helps you monitor quality evaluation and calibration activity. You can view the following information on the dashboard:

  • Agent evaluations and scores
  • Quality evaluator activity
  • Overall evaluation and calibration activity

Note: To update the dashboard data, refresh the page.

Selections in the dashboard

Area Description

Agent Activity

Summarizes evaluation activity by agent.

Evaluation Activity

Summarizes activity by quality evaluator. For example, 3/8 means that the evaluator has completed 3 of 8 assigned evaluations.

Calibration Activity

Summarizes the status of each calibration and the variation within scores for the interaction. You can click the form name to view the calibration.

Note: To filter results, enter the name of an agent, evaluator, or group.