Quality management process

Quality management is the process of recording and scoring contact center interactions to improve the customer experience. By evaluating and scoring conversations, a quality team can identify performers for positive feedback, agents who need more training or coaching, and situations that merit modification of call scripts.

The number of employees dedicated to quality administration varies based on contact center size. In some contact centers, a supervisor is also the quality evaluator and the quality administrator.

Note: Call recording requires that Line Recording is enabled on the SIP trunk. Contact your telephony administrator and refer them to the Enable Line Recording procedure. 

A common quality evaluation process is as follows:

Quality management process

Quality administrators are responsible for managing evaluation forms, quality policies, and encryption keys. As a quality administrator, your tasks include the following:

  • Create policies that automatically occur on interactions with a specific agent, duration, or other criteria. Policy actions include deleting, retaining, and assigning an evaluation for an interaction.
  • Assign interactions and quality evaluation forms to quality evaluators.
  • Design and publish evaluation forms.
  • Coordinate the calibration process.
Page Task
Encryption keys Generate new encryption keys periodically or on demand.
Evaluation forms Create interaction evaluation forms for quality evaluators to use.
Policies Create policies specifying how to handle recordings. Policies can store or discard recordings, assign interactions and evaluation forms, and manage calibration activities.
Interactions Review interactions and assign evaluations or calibrations.
Quality administrator dashboard Display evaluation and calibration activity.

As a quality evaluator, your responsibilities include the following:

  • Review recordings of interactions.
  • Score interactions using evaluation forms.

An expert evaluator becomes a benchmark for scoring interactions in the calibration process.

Page Task
Quality evaluator dashboard Display assigned and completed evaluations.
Evaluate an interaction View and evaluate interactions.

As an agent, your quality-related tasks include the following :

  • View evaluations of customer interactions.
  • Comment on evaluations.
  • Acknowledge evaluations.
Page Task
My Evaluations view Display data about released evaluations.