Quality management is a framework with a set of tools that organizations can use to ensure that their teams and individual contributors are delivering the customer experience with the expected quality and empathy. By evaluating and scoring conversations, a quality team can identify agents that deserve recognition, require more training or coaching, and specific situations that merit modification of a process or a script.


The common quality evaluation process is as follows:

Quality evaluation process.

Quality administrators are responsible for creating and managing evaluation forms, quality policies, and monitoring evaluator performance. Quality administrator tasks may include the following:

  • Create policies that automate the assignment of evaluations based on selected agent and interaction criteria, such as queue(s), interaction duration, and so on.
  • Assign interactions and quality evaluation forms to quality evaluators.
  • Design and publish evaluation forms.
  • Coordinate the evaluation calibration process.
Page Task
Encryption keys Generate new encryption keys periodically or on demand.
Evaluation forms Create, update, and manage quality evaluation forms.
Policies Create, update, and manage policies that automatically create and assign evaluations based on interaction and agent attributes.
Interactions Review interactions to determine which attributes can be used to find good QA assessment candidates.
Quality administrator dashboard Display evaluation and calibration activity.

As a quality evaluator, your responsibilities include the following:

  • Review interaction recordings.
  • Assess and score interaction evaluations.
  • Participate in the evaluator calibration process.

An expert evaluator becomes a benchmark for scoring interactions in the calibration process.

Page Task
Quality evaluator dashboard Display assigned and completed evaluations.
Evaluate an interaction View and evaluate interactions.

As an agent, your quality administration-related tasks may include the following :

  • Review evaluator completed forms that have been released to you.
  • When possible provide evaluation comments.
  • Acknowledge that you have reviewed the evaluation.
Page Task
My Evaluations view Display data about released evaluations.