You can preview a knowledge workbench v2 article in draft or published state. This feature enables you to see how content looks for each configured touchpoint variation and includes this information:

  • Labels
  • Touchpoint list
  • Content overview: How the article looks for a select touchpoint
  • Article details: Knowledge base name, language, article creation date, number of revisions, whether the article is visible or not, the article author, last modified date, and category
  • Analytics and feedback: When applicable, positive or negative feedback in the last month, captured comments, and comment source

To preview a knowledge workbench V2 article, perform these steps:

  1. Click Admin
  2. Under Knowledge, click Articles.
  3. Open the knowledge base with the article that you want to preview.
  4. Click the appropriate article. The article opens in preview mode.
  5. To see how the content looks for a touchpoint that differs from the default view, click the selected touchpoint and then select another one from the list.
  6. To view historical data about the article, click Article Details.
  7. To view feedback metrics and comments from the last month, click Analytics & Feedback.
  8. To change the article, click Edit article.
  9. To close the article without making changes, click Close.