Place a call on behalf of a queue

  • Routing > Queue > View permission (included in the PureCloud User role)
  • A selected phone

The On Behalf of Queue option is for agents to place an outbound call, such as a follow-up call, on behalf of an inbound queue without going On Queue. The On Behalf of Queue option allows an agent to place an outbound call related to a queue without receiving other interactions. The agent receives credit for the call because the call statistics are associated with the selected queue.

To place a call on behalf of a queue:

  1. Click Interactions. Interactions icon
  2. To start an call on behalf of a queue, depending on your permissions do one of the following:
    • Click Start a new call.
    • Click Start an interaction.
      The Start an interaction window appears. Select the Make Call tab.
  3. To choose an available queue, begin typing the name of a queue in the On Behalf of Queue box. Select the queue you want to call on behalf of from the queues suggested.

    Note: For more information about seeing which queues you are a member of, see Activate queues.

    Last used queue: Feature coming soon
    Note: PureCloud remembers the last queue that you selected as part of an outbound On Behalf of Queue interaction and will populate that queue for you, even if you are not On Queue. A queue is saved if you successfully create an outbound interaction on behalf of a queue. The saved queue persists after refresh and login or logout.
    The queue will not be remembered if you:
    • use an incognito browser session
    • switch devices or browsers 
    • clear cookies
  4. In the Enter Names and Numbers field, begin typing the name of the person you want to call. Select the person from the suggestions listed. Alternatively, type the phone number and press Enter

    Note: Use the full phone number. PureCloud does not support extension-only numbers.

  5. To start the call, click the Call button or press Enter.Call button PureCloud displays the call in the Active Interactions list and in the Interaction panel. 
  6. To end the call, click End CallEnd call button
  7. Complete any after call work needed for the call.