• Routing > Agent > Onqueue permission

You can go on queue to become available to receive interactions. Anyone with the necessary permission, like a manager, can also go on queue. This ability allows other users to help in times of understaffing or high incoming interaction volume.

To make yourself available or unavailable to receive new interactions, to the upper right, use the On Queue/Off Queue toggle.

Status Definition
On Queue Indicates that you logged on and ready to accept new interactions. 
Off Queue Indicates that you are logged on but not currently accepting new interactions.

Note: When you decline or fail to answer an interaction within a certain amount of time, Genesys Cloud places you into Not Responding status. While Not Responding, you do not receive new interactions. Declined or not answered interactions reenter the queue.

Choose your next status while interacting

During a current interaction, to avoid automatically connecting to the next incoming interaction, the agent can specify the Off Queue status.

  1. To change your status to Off Queue while handing an interaction, click On Queue.
    Any current interactions or interaction in after-call work (ACW) status remain.
  2. Complete any current interactions and ACW.
  3. To change the status again (for example, when a break is over), click Off Queue to return to the On Queue status.

  • When you log on to Genesys Cloud, your default status is Available.
  • When you change your status or presence, the change takes effect immediately.
  • When you select some statuses, like Busy and Out of Office, Genesys Cloud automatically sends your calls to voicemail. For more information about the types of status and presence, see Types of presence and primary statuses.
  • Genesys Cloud displays activity indicators below your presence. These indicators show when a business user on a call and when an agent is on calls or working other interactions.
  • By default, if you lose your connection for less than 60 seconds, Genesys Cloud returns you to the status you had before the disconnect. Your admin can configure your organizations reconnection settings.
  • With proper configuration, Genesys Cloud retrieves presence values for SCIM users from external systems like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. When the Genesys Cloud SCIM user is not logged into Genesys Cloud, Genesys Cloud displays the user's external presence throughout Genesys Cloud.