Performance Dashboards overview


The following permissions:

  • Analytics > Conversation Aggregate > View
  • Analytics > Queue Observation > View
  • Analytics > Dashboard Configurations > Edit
  • Analytics > Dashboard Configurations > View
  • RoutingQueue View

Performance Dashboards allow you to create dashboards to display selected metrics and performance data about your contact center. You can select the metrics about the queues or users you want to see on each of your dashboards. 

To access your Performance Dashboards, click PerformanceDashboards

From Performance Dashboards, you can create new dashboards and see a small preview of all of the dashboards you have already created. To create a new dashboard, click Add new dashboard. You can create up to 20 dashboards. After you create a dashboard, you can add widgets to it to customize the information you want to see on it. For more information, see Add and edit Performance Dashboards.

You can sort and search for your dashboards. To search for a dashboard, begin entering its name in the Find dashboards field. To sort your dashboards in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, click Sort by Name

  • You can edit and view only the dashboards you created.

To view, edit, rename, or delete a dashboard, hover over its preview and click the appropriate icon.