Agent assistance

  • Routing > Agent > OnQueue (included in the Genesys Cloud User role)
  • Routing > Queue > Edit (included in the Genesys Cloud Supervisor role)

Agent Assistance is a chat room where all agents and supervisors can post, see, and respond to messages. There is a limit of 1000 agents per organization. Any agent over 1000 sees an error message and cannot join the room.

  1. To open the Agent Assistance room, click Agent Assistance.Icon for agent assistance

  2. To send a message in the Agent Assistance room, type the request for assistance and then press Enter
    The message appears to all users in the room, including to all on-duty supervisors. 

    Note: If you have closed the panel, a badge appears on the Agent Assistance icon to indicate new messages. Click Agent Assistance again to display those messages.