Get started administering Genesys Cloud

System requirements

The system requirements detail the browsers, operating systems, hardware, and other components supported by Genesys Cloud.


Genesys Cloud Collaborate is a workplace social networking tool that includes people management for your organization. Set up users, groups, and document workspaces to get the organization started.


Genesys Cloud Communicate contains all the features of Collaborate along with telephony services for integrating phone, fax, conferencing, call transfers, voicemail, and a unified inbox.

  1. Complete the Collaborate series above.
  2. Complete the Get your Edge and phones up and running series.
  3. Conduct user acceptance testing (UAT).

Contact center

Genesys Cloud contact center contains all of the features of Collaborate and Communicate along with contact center services for integrating multichannel routing, outbound campaigns, speech-enabled IVR, recording and quality management, reporting, and graphical scripting.