Genesys Cloud Edge Standard v3 technical specifications

The latest version of high performance hardware for large enterprises

Genesys Cloud Edge Standard v3 is the third generation of the Genesys Cloud Edge Standard. It runs on a custom HP server with a more robust server chassis than the v2 and offers the enterprise-class power and storage that large customers need.

An Edge provides SIP gateway, SIP proxy, media server, call brokering, phone provisioning, and disaster recovery on a single hardware device. See Features an Edge provides.

NoteEdge redundancy requires multiple Edges within a site. You can only combine Edges that have a similar call capacity.
  • You can combine any of the Edge Standards: (v1, v2, and v3) with each other. 
  • You can combine any of the Edge Minis (v1 and v2) with each other.
  • You can only combine the Edge Micro with other Edge Micros.

For more information, see Concurrent call capacity for Edge models.

Part Number TH-900-PCEDGE-5140100
Platform HPE DL360 Gen 10

 Intel Xeon Silver 4000 series 

Hard Drive(s)

1TB SATA x 2

Storage Controller

HP Smart Array Controller w/2GB flash backed write cache

RAID Configuration


Concurrent Call Capacity

350 calls with Opus recording and TLS

See Concurrent call capacity for Edge models for a comparison.

Physical and operational specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD)

4.29  x  43.46  x  74.98 cm

(1.69  x  17.11  x  29.5 inches)

Weight (approx.)

16.78 kg (36.99 lbs)

System Inlet Temperature

Standard Operating: 10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F) at sea level with an altitude derating of 1.0°C per every 305 m (1.8°F per every 1000 ft) above sea level to a maximum of 3050 m (10,000 ft), no direct sustained sunlight. Maximum rate of change is 20°C/hr (36°F/hr).

Non-Operating: -30° to 60°C (-22° to 140°F). Maximum rate of change is 20°C/hr (36°F/hr).

Relative Humidity

Operating: 8% to 90% – Relative humidity (Rh), 28°C maximum wet bulb temperature, non-condensing

Non-Operating: 5% to 95% relative humidity (Rh), 38.7°C (101.7°F) maximum wet bulb temperature, non-condensing.

Acoustic Noise

Idle: 36dBA; Operating: 45dBA

BTU Rating

572.74 BTU / hr (at 115 VAC); 571.34 BTU/hr (at 240 VAC)

Power Supply

HPE 500W Flex Slot Platinum Hot Plug Low Halogen Power Supply x 2

Power Requirements (Input)

100 to 120 VAC; 200 to 240 VAC
58-168 W @ 115 VAC / 59-168 W @ 240 VAC

Network Adapter

HPE Embedded Dual Port 361i Adapter

Network Interface

10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-TX x4

USB Interface

1 x USB 3.0 (front)

2 x USB 3.0 (rear)

Storage Drive Bay(s)

2 x 3.5″ SATA drive bay; user-replaceable drive in case of disk failure


3-year Advanced Product Replacement

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