This article is designed to provide you with a walk-through of all the articles in the required order to successfully get your Edge Standard v3 up and running. 

Step 1: Set up an Edge Standard v3

Edge Setup Quick Reference Guides are included in the box when we ship Edge’s to the customer. These guides provide straightforward visual instruction on how to get an Edge up and running, but are intended to be used alongside the standard, and more detailed, documentation.

Step 2: Pair your Edge Standard v3 with Genesys Cloud

You can pair the Edge with the Genesys Cloud cloud-based software using a USB flash drive and an the external LCD.

Step 3: Create a trunk

Set up the connection to the service provider.

Step 4: Set up a phone trunk

You can set a phone trunk for Genesys Cloud WebRTC phones or for SIP phones, such as Polycom and AudioCodes.

Step 5: Configure a network interface

Connect an existing trunk to an Edge network interface.

Step 6: Create a site

Determine how many sites you need and add them to the system.

Step 7: Create an Edge group

Create an Edge group to allow all Edges to access and share trunks connected to other Edges in the Edge group.

Step 8: Tie it all together

Associate the Edge with a site and an Edge group. Attach an External SIP trunk.

Step 9: Add a number plan (optional)

Genesys Cloud automatically provides default number plans, which are sufficient for most users. However, you can add and modify number plans.

Step 10: Create an outbound route (optional)

Genesys Cloud automatically creates default outbound routes. However, you can add and modify outbound routes.

Step 11: Configure emergency services

In order for the emergency dialing number to work, you must properly set up emergency services with your carrier and then configure the appropriate settings in Genesys Cloud.