In some contact center organizations, quality evaluators are responsible for identifying interactions to evaluate.


When using a supported SIP phone the system automatically answers your phone, enabling the monitor session. When using a remote number or any phone provisioned externally to Genesys Cloud, the phone rings and requires you to pick up to start the monitor session.

Monitoring allows you to listen to an interaction that is in progress without disturbing the agent and customer conversation. To listen to in-progress interactions, monitor them.

  1. Select a phone. For more information, see Select a phone.
  2. From any of the following view, click an in-progress interaction.
  3. From the interaction’s detail page, you can monitor the agent or the customer.
    Note: Genesys Cloud connects your phone to the interaction. Answer your phone and listen to the interaction.
    • To monitor an agent, click Internal Monitor. 
    • To monitor a customer, click External Monitor. 
  4. To assign a new evaluation, click the Quality Summary tab.
  5. Click Create Evaluation.
  6. Add the following information:
    • Evaluation form— The questionnaire used to score the evaluation.
    • Agent to be evaluated – select the agent that should be evaluated. This option is enabled if two or more agents participated in the interaction.
    • Evaluator—The quality evaluator assigned to evaluate the interaction. To evaluate the call while it is taking place, ensure that you select your user account as the evaluator.
  7. Click Create to assign the new evaluation. 
  8. Answer the evaluation form and click Submit to complete the evaluation.