Evaluation form weights

Evaluation form question groups have weights that can be used to define the wanted weighting of questions within the group. These weights multiply the total of all question scores for each group. Evaluation forms use the following formula for scoring. This example has two question groups:

((Group 1 total points * weight) + (Group 2 total points * weight)) / ((Group 1 possible points * weight) + (Group 2 possible points * weight))

Genesys Cloud does not include questions or question groups that an evaluator marks as N/A in the evaluation’s score. Those questions or question groups show zero out of zero possible points. 

Question group weighting example

A supervisor creates an evaluation form with two question groups. Group 1 has one question, and a weight of 0.5. Group 2 has two questions and a weight of 0.5.

An evaluator gives an agent the following scores: 

Group 1, Question 1: 0

Group 2, Question 1: 1

Group 2 Question 2: 1

Then Genesys Cloud calculates the agent’s overall score as: 

((0 * 0.5) + (2 * 0.5)) / ((1 * 0.5) + (2 * 0.5)) = 66.67% (rounded)

Evaluation form question group weights preview.

Note: If a question group is scored as N/A, the weights of the remaining question groups are not inflated to fill up the weight of the N/A group. For more information, see Upcoming change in evaluation question group scoring for N/A-enabled groups.