Series: Add operating schedules and configure call routes

  • Routing > Schedule > Add, Edit, View, Delete permissions

Use operating schedules to determine how to manage routing for inbound and outbound interactions. For example, an operating schedule can determine which flow to run during open or closed hours.

Note: Genesys Cloud evaluates operating schedules in the following order:
  • Holiday
  • Closed
  • Open

If you activate Emergency routing, Genesys Cloud first evaluates emergencies or performs emergency routing, before it evaluates the Holiday operating schedule.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Routing, click Operating Schedules.
  3. Click the Schedules tab.
  4. Click  Add Schedule.
  5. In the Name box, type a unique name to represent the operating schedule. This name appears in your list of entries on the Schedules tab.
  6. In the Division list, select the division to which this operating schedule belongs.
    Note: An operating schedule must belong to a division. The default is the Home division. Association with a division restricts which administrators can manage the operating schedule. For more information, see Divisions overview.
  7. Set an operating schedule in the When does the schedule first occur and repeat? area. Choose one of these options:
    • To set an operating schedule that starts and ends on the same day, set the date and time. 
    • To set an operating schedule that runs for multiple days, check the This occurrence spans multiple days check box and perform the following steps: 
      1. Click in the From calendar box and select the date and time in which to start the operating schedule.
      2. Click in the To calendar box and select the date in which to stop the operating schedule.
  8. To run the operating schedule continuously for the entire duration of the selected date or dates, click All Day.
  9. Set the recurrence of this operating schedule in the How often does this schedule repeat? field. 

The subsequent configuration options change, depending on your selection. 

Next, configure the operating schedule’s recurring settings.