The following permissions:

  • Architect > Flow > Add
  • Architect > Flow > Edit
  • Architect > FlowView
  • Routing > Message > Manage
  • Routing > Queue > Add, Delete, Join, and View 

    On the Message Routing tab, you can view a list of active inbound message flows and the provisioned inbound numbers or addresses tied to them. When a user messages a specific inbound number, Genesys Cloud routes the ACD message into the associated inbound message flow. To manage message routing for the organization, click Admin. Under Routing, click Message Routing.

    This article covers message routing for SMS, Open Messaging, and third-party messaging channels, but does not apply to Web Messaging. Web Messaging routing is defined as part of Deploy Messenger.

    Note: Messages are short and asynchronous. For example, a user sends two messages, receives a response from an agent, and then sends two more messages several hours later. How long Genesys Cloud treats multiple messages as part of the same conversation is determined by the message threading timeline. The default is 72 hours. 

    When Genesys Cloud groups messages as part of a conversation, it routes from the same customer to the same agent and displays conversation history to the agent. Agents complete wrap-up on each portion of the conversation that they handle, which can consist of multiple individual messages. 

    Name Description
    Add Click to open the Message Routing page and map an inbound message flow to a dialed address.
    Inbound Message Flows The links in this column represent the inbound message flows associated with a particular inbound number or address. To open the entry and edit the inbound numbers associated with the flow, click the desired link. 
    Filter by flow name Begin typing the first few letters of the inbound message flow you want to find. Genesys Cloud filters the list and narrows your selection. 
    Inbound Address This column includes the provisioned inbound numbers or addresses used to enter the designated inbound message flow.

    Begin typing a few digits of the inbound number you want to find. Genesys Cloud filters the list and narrows your selection. Click this button to:

    • Open the inbound message flow in Architect
    • Clear the inbound numbers or addresses associated with the inbound message flow

    For more information about message routing, see the tasks outlined in the following articles.

    Task Description
    Add an inbound message route Create and configure an inbound message routing entry and associate provisioned inbound numbers or addresses with it.
    Manage an inbound message route Change an inbound message route’s selected message flow and add, update, or remove provisioned inbound numbers or addresses associated with it.