Routing includes the set of features that administrators use to set up Genesys Cloud routing. Use routing features to create schedules, configure call and message routing, plan for emergencies, and store data locally in data tables for use in Architect.

Fair use policy

Learn about Basic routing / IVR fair use policy pricing.

Interaction routing (ACD)

Understand how interaction routing works. Learn about configuring interaction routing, including routing methods, queue configuration, skills-based routing, and more.

Work automation

Using the Genesys Cloud work automation, you can define tasks, automate their flow according to a pre-defined process, and track their performance.


Create, configure, and manage schedule entries, including recurrence type and time span definitions. View and access the schedule groups that include a particular schedule.

Schedule groups

Use schedules with schedule groups to allow more flexibility in how your organization manages routing hours. Schedule groups allow you to combine multiple schedules and associate them to a singular routing definition. Assign the schedules into a designated time zone and group them by type.

Call routing

Map a call flow to a dialed address, choose regular and emergency routing schedules, view a list of active call flows and the telephone numbers or addresses associated to them.

Message routing

Map an inbound message flow to a dialed address, choose regular and emergency routing schedules, view a list of active inbound message flows and the provisioned inbound numbers or addresses associated to them.


Create an emergency group and associate it with an interaction route to quickly and efficiently turn on functionality that modifies routing behavior during unplanned or semi-planned critical events. Use the activate and deactivate feature to test functionality prior to an actual emergency.

Data tables

Store data locally and ensure that Architect can access it within an interaction. Use data tables to access data sets larger than allowed by a switch statement.

Flow outcomes and milestones

Use flow outcomes and milestones to gather data about self-service success. This information helps determine how well Architect flows service the customer interaction.