The following permissions:

  • Architect > Flow > View 
  • Routing > Call Route > Add, Edit, View, Delete
  • Routing > Emergency Group > Edit, View
  • Routing > Schedule Group > View

On the Call Routing tab, you can view a list of active call flows and the telephone number or numbers tied to them. When a user dials a specific telephone number, or dialed address, they are routed into the inbound call flow associated with that telephone number. 

    Name Description
    Add Call Route Click this button to open the Call Routing page, map a call flow to a dialed address, and choose regular and emergency routing schedules.
    Delete Select the check boxes next to the call route entries that you want to remove and click the delete icon. Genesys Cloud asks you to confirm your decision before deletion.
    Search Begin typing the first few letters of the call route that you want to find. Genesys Cloud filters the list and narrows your selection. Choose the field to filter.
    Name The links in this column represent each call routing entry. Click a link to open the entry and make changes.
    Open Indicates if the call route is always open or is based on a schedule group.
    Open Call Flow The call flow to which you want to route calls when the call route is open.
    Closed Call Flow The call flow to which you want to route calls when the call route is closed.
    Inbound Phone Numbers The telephone number or numbers the user dials to enter the designated call flow.
    Closes for Emergencies Indicates if the call route closes for emergencies.
    Schedule Group  The schedule group used when the call route is open.
    Holiday Call Flow The call flow to which you want to route calls when the call route is on holiday.
    Emergency Group If available, the emergency group used for this call route.
    Emergency Call Flow The emergency call flow to which you want to route calls, if there is an emergency.
    Division The division of the call route.
    ID The internal ID of the call route.

    For more information about call routing, see the tasks outlined in the following articles.

    Task Description
    Add a call route Create and configure a call routing entry, including associated call flows, telephone numbers, schedules, and schedule groups.
    Manage call routes Change a call routing entry’s name, designated dialed address or telephone number, call flow routing definitions, or permanently remove a call route.