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Operating schedules are used for common definitions of time, which are then applied to multiple groups under multiple circumstances. An operating schedule stipulates when a flow runs, based upon the date, time, or event. You can define operating schedules to handle recurring events, holidays, or special situations, such as your regular business hours or after-hours support. 

Architect uses operating schedules to determine how to manage inbound and outbound interaction routing. For example, an operating schedule can determine which flow to execute during open or closed hours.

To manage operating schedules for the organization, click Admin. Under Routing, click Operating SchedulesOn the Schedules page, you can view the list of currently active operating schedules and their recurrence type.

Name Description
Add Schedule Click this button to open the Create Schedule page and map a call flow to a dialed address.
Delete button After you select one or more operating schedules to remove, click this button. Genesys Cloud asks you to confirm your decision before deletion.
Find Schedule Begin typing the first few letters of the operating schedule that you want to find. Genesys Cloud filters the list and narrows your selection.
Schedule Name The links in this column represent each Schedule entry. Click a link to open the Edit Schedule page and make changes to the entry.
Recurrence Type This column displays how frequently the associated operating schedule runs. For example, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, one time, or a custom time set up by recurrence rules. 


Edit Click Edit to modify the selected operating schedule. 
Copy Click Copy to create a second version of the selection that you can open, rename, and modify. 
Usage Click Usage to return a list of operating schedule groups that contain the operating schedule, whether the operating schedule is opened or closed, and the operating schedule time zone.
Delete Click Delete to remove the selected operating schedule entry or entries. Genesys Cloud asks you to confirm your decision before deletion.

For information about operating schedules, see the tasks outlined in the following articles.

Note: For more information about using operating schedules with Predictive Engagement, see Predictive Engagement Schedule groups.

Task Description
Create an operating schedule Create and configure operating schedule entries, including recurrence type and time span definitions.
Edit an operating schedule Change an operating schedule entry’s name and recurrence specifications.
View an operating schedules or operating schedule groups associated with an operating schedule View and access the schedule groups that include a particular schedule.
Delete an operating schedule Permanently remove one or more schedules not associated with a schedule group or call flow.