Series: Add schedules and configure call routes

Add schedules and configure interaction routing


The following permissions:

  • Architect > Flow > Add
  • Architect > Flow > Edit
  • Architect > FlowView

Schedules are used for common definitions of time, which are then applied to multiple groups under multiple circumstances. A schedule stipulates when a flow runs, based upon the date, time, or event. You can define schedules to handle recurring events, holidays, or special situations, such as your regular business hours or after-hours support. 

Architect uses schedules to determine how to manage inbound and outbound interaction routing. For example, a schedule can determine which flow to execute during open or closed hours.

Continue to the next article to set up schedules that determine when a call flow runs, create and define schedule groups, and associate an IVR with a phone number, schedules, and schedule groups.

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