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Configure wrap-up codes


  • Routing > Wrap-up Code > Add, Edit, Search, View, Delete
  • Routing > Queue >  Edit permissions
Note: If you have already created wrap-up codes, you can add them to your queue now. If you have not added wrap-up codes, see Wrap up code administration, and then add them to your queue.

For information on creating new wrap-up codes, see Wrap-up code administration.

  1. Click the Wrap-up Codes tab.
  2. In the Select new wrap-up codes box, begin typing the name of the code and then select the appropriate match from the results. You can see the wrap-up codes that are assigned to the divisions to which your role has access. The role must both belong to the division and have the necessary permissions outlined in the prerequisites section. Genesys recommends that you add wrap-up codes that are assigned to the division to which the queue belongs; this helps gain a better understanding of any reports that contain wrap-up code-related data.
  3. Click Add .
  4. To add additional wrap-up codes, repeat steps 2–3.
  5. To search for an assigned wrap-up code, next to Filter by name, begin typing the first few letters of the wrap-up code and then select it from the list.
  6. To remove a wrap-up code from the list, click Remove.

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