Series: Set up wrap-up codes


  • Routing > Wrap-up Code > Add, Edit, Search, View, Delete
  • Routing > Queue >  Edit permissions

You can add a wrap-up code to a queue from the Admin > Contact Center  > Queues page. Click the Edit Queue button next to the queue to which you want to add wrap-up codes and do the following:

For information on creating new wrap-up codes, see Wrap-up code administration.

  1. Click the Wrap-up Codes tab.
  2. In the Select new wrap-up codes box, begin typing the name of the code and then select the appropriate match from the results.
  3. Click Add .
  4. To add additional wrap-up codes, repeat steps 2–3.
  5. To search for an assigned wrap-up code, next to Filter by name, begin typing the first few letters of the wrap-up code and then select it from the list.
  6. To remove a wrap-up code from the list, click Remove.

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