Queue administration

  • Routing > Queue > Add, Edit, Delete, Join, and View
  • Routing > Queue > Readonly
  • Routing > Queue Member Manage
  • Architect > UI > View

The following permissions are required to edit or view prompts in Architect (for whisper audio):

  • Architect > UserPrompt > View
  • Architect > UserPrompt > Edit

The following permission is required for agents to request for after call work when the setting is Agent Requested:

  • Conversations > Settings > View

The following permission is required to edit the default script:

  • Scripter > Published Script > View

The following permission is required to view the SMS numbers on the Message tab:

  • SMS > Phone Number > View

    Queues are the “waiting line” of interactions. Agents select the On Queue status to enter their predefined queues. Organization admin queue settings include creating and managing queues for voice and chat channels for the entire organization. 

    • An organization can add up to 5000 queues.
    • Membership is limited to 5,000 members per queue.
    • You cannot duplicate a queue name. Each queue name must be unique.
    • A queue name cannot contain asterisks. 
    • A user with the Routing > QueueMember > Manage permission, but not the Routing > Queue > Edit permission, can only manage the queue membership.

    For information about queues, see the tasks outlined in the following articles.

    Task Description
    Create queues Create and configure queues for both voice and chat channels for the entire organization, including behavior and threshold levels for voice and chat channels, queue membership, wrap-up codes, and routing settings.
    Edit or delete queues Edit behavior and threshold levels, add or delete members in a queue, add or delete wrap-up codes, and modify routing settings. 
    Enable manual assignment

    Enable waiting interactions in a queue to be manually assigned to on-queue agents. Interactions can be manually assigned by supervisors, or agents with the apppropriate permissions can pull a waiting interaction from the queue.