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Configure after call work settings

Choose from the following after call work (ACW) options:

  • Optional: This option allows the agent to opt out of selecting a wrap-up code after a call. This feature is useful if your organization does not use wrap-up codes and your agents do not need after call work time.
  • Mandatory, Discretionary: For this option, the agent chooses how long to remain in ACW status. In this case, they will set their status back to available when they complete after call work.
  • Mandatory, Time-boxed: Set the maximum amount of time that an agent may remain in the ACW state to complete after call work. If they finish after call work early, they can change status to receive new interactions or automatically become available at the end of the time specified.
  • Mandatory, Time-boxed no early exit: In this case, the agent will not be able to set themselves back to available if they complete after call work early. They remain in ACW status and automatically return to available status at the end of the time-out period. This feature is useful to give the agent a "cool down" period between interactions.

Note: Agents usually assign wrap-up codes during after call work. If agents do not assign a wrap-up code before the expiry of the specified time, Genesys Cloud assigns the default ININ-WRAP-UP-TIMEOUT wrap up code. In some circumstances, outbound dialing assigns wrap-up codes. These codes appear in exported contact lists or conversation events. For more information, see Wrap-up codes assigned by outbound dialing.

Select the after call work option:

  1. Click the After Call Work list and select whether after call work is:
    • Optional (agents can opt out of selecting a wrap-up code after a call)
    • Mandatory, Discretionary
    • Mandatory, Time-boxed
    • Mandatory, Time-boxed no early exit
  2. (Mandatory, Time-boxed and Mandatory, Time-boxed no early exit only) In the After Call Work Timeout (Seconds) box enter the number (in seconds) to wait before the agent receives more interactions.
    Note: This option only applies to voice interactions. The maximum number you can enter here is 900 seconds.
  3. To enable manual assignment for a queue, under Manual Assignment on the General tab, select the Enable Manual Assignment check box. For more information about assigning interactions in a queue, see Manually assign waiting interactions.

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