About Collaborate

Collaborate and share information with individuals and groups in your organization.


Chat with individuals and groups in your organization from a unified communication platform. Create chat rooms, share files, and monitor public group discussions. Search the persistent chat history for any conversation.

Video chat

Video chat with individuals and groups. Turn a regular chat into a video chat, create chat rooms, and share your screen with others.


Share information about yourself that your coworkers find useful, like skills, education, work experience, cell phone, location, and more.

Search across individual and group profiles for keywords. Search data in specific profile fields (“Title: Software Engineer”), combine profile field searches to get more specific (“Title:Software Engineer” + “Skill: C++”), and view people’s availability status and contact them right from the search results.


Create communities within your organization based on a common skill, manager, project team, and so on. Chat with a group of experts who have related expertise or interests.

Mobile, tablet, and desktop apps

Download the free mobile and tablet apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Continue chats you started in the browser or desktop apps and be available to coworkers outside the office. Also download the free desktop app for Windows or Mac. Use a dedicated app instead of a browser and start Collaborate automatically when your machine starts up.


Store and share files with coworkers in the Documents repository. Keep files in your personal workspaces and contribute to group workspaces as permitted. Organize files by adding tags that indicate the content and purpose. Quickly find files in all workspaces you can access with advanced search features.