Start a video chat


You can start a video chat in two different ways:

  • As a new video chat
  • As part of an existing one-on-one or group chat

Start a video chat from the sidebar and invite participants.

    1. From the sidebar, click Video Chat.
      The Start a Video Chat window opens. 
    2. To invite someone to join your video chat, type a name in the search field and select the name from the results. Repeat this step to add up to five participants.
    3. If you choose one person, click Video Chat.

      Note: In a one-to-one video chat, the participant recieves a video chat request and accepts the request by clicking Video Chat. Participants can decline an invitation by clicking .
    4. If you invite two or more participants, click Start Video Conference.

      Note: If you invite more than one participant, Genesys Cloud creates a new chat room under Personal Groups. Participants join the video conference by clicking Open Video Call above the chat area.
      video chat with more than one other person
    5. To notify participants, mention them in the new chat room by using the @ symbol before their names as you would in a text chat.

The participant’s video feed appears, offering an opportunity to adjust the camera. Participants join the video chat or conference by clicking Join.

Start a video chat with a person, an official group, or a personal group.

    1. Under Chats, select a person, official group, or personal group. You can also click  to create a new personal group.
    2. Above the chat area, click Open video call.
      video chat from chatYour video feed opens.
      video feed opens
    3. Click Join when you are ready to join the video chat. Other participants join by following the same steps.  

Note: In a one-to-one video chat, the other participant receives a notification inviting them to join. Notification is not sent for video chats with three or more participants.

During a video chat, you can turn off your camera so that others cannot see your video feed. Genesys Cloud shows your profile picture in place of your video feed.

To hide your video, from the video toolbar, click Turn off camera


The icon turns red to indicate that the camera is off.

During a video chat, you can mute your microphone so that others cannot hear you. Genesys Cloud places a red microphone symbol on your video thumbnail in the video chat room to show you and others that you are muted.

To mute your microphone, from the video toolbar, click Mute microphone


The icon turns red to indicate that the microphone is off.

To display your video chat in a new window, click Popout.pop out video

To end a video chat, from the video toolbar, click Leave session.