Start screen sharing

During a video chat, you can share your screen or a selected window with others to present a slide show, demo an app, review a design, and more. 

Currently, screen sharing is available in the desktop app, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox video chats with the following:

  • Desktop app only shares the default monitor. The ability to select a specific screen or window is not available at this time.
  • Chrome allows you to share a screen, a specific window, or your entire desktop. To support screen sharing, Chrome versions earlier than 72 require an add-on. Download
  • Firefox allows you to choose the window you want to share, but it does not have an option for sharing the entire screen at this time. Screen sharing support for Firefox versions earlier than 39 requires an add-on.  Download

Share your screen during a video chat

Screen sharing is available after you join a video chat. To share your screen during a video chat:

  1. From the video toolbar in the chat window, click the Share your screen button.
    Share your screen

    Note: Chrome versions 71 and below require an extension to screen share. The first time you use screen sharing, an auto-prompt is presented to add the Genesys Cloud Screen Sharing Helper. Chrome versions 72 and above do not require the extension.
  2. On the Genesys Cloud Screen Sharing Helper dialog, select a screen, and then click Share
  3. To stop sharing your screen, or select another screen to share, click the Stop sharing your screen button on the video toolbar..
    Stop sharing screen