Genesys Cloud Collaborate chat data export policy

Genesys Cloud customers may need to export chat data from the platform, based on legal or regulatory requirements. For example, government agencies and customer data compliance policies often place limits on when and how user data can be retrieved. To facilitate response to these types of inquiries, Genesys enables customers to access Collaborate chat data using the Genesys Cloud GDPR and Privacy APIs. For more information, see GDPR and Privacy APIs in the Developer Center.

Users with appropriate permissions can make GDPR export API requests with a specific userId as subject to retrieve all chat messages associated with that user. 

Collaborate chat data retrieved through these APIs contain only the messages from the specific user requested. When investigating a conversation between two or more users, users may need to make multiple requests. It can take several days to access the data from a request.

API requests are limited to the available Collaborate chat data within the platform, based on the organization’s chat data retention period. Customers can view their chat data retention period under Organization Settings in the Admin UI. For more information, see Change the retention days for Collaborate chat messages. 

Target Collaborate chat data requests to a single user or small subset of users. Genesys Cloud does not support exporting an organization’s entire chat history.

For more information on Genesys Cloud’s security and compliance policies, see About security and compliance. For more information on GDPR policy and APIs, see Genesys Cloud and GDPR compliance.