The following permissions:

  • Routing > Queue > Join
  • Routing > Queue > View

Agents, in addition to supervisors, can specify the queues to work. Agents can activate queues and later stop working specific queues as necessary, or as permissions allow. 

  • You, or your supervisor, must activate queues to determine which queues are available when you go on queue.
  • Queues are division-aware; you cannot activate a queue from another division.

To access the Active and Available queues lists and to specify queues:

  1. From user settings, click Activate Queues. The Active and Available queues lists appear.
  1. To activate a queue, click Activate. To see the results, click .
  2. To deactivate a queue, click Deactivate. To see the results, click .

Note: You can enter a string in the Search for queues box to filter the queues displayed in each list.


These lists display the queues that the logged-in agent is a member of. The queues in the Active Queues list are the queues that you work after you select the On Queue status. When you activate and deactivate queues, your queue membership does not change.