After call work in Genesys Cloud CX Utility

Feature coming soon: Genesys Cloud for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Use After Call Work to indicate the outcome of an interaction. If your administrator has set the after call work codes and time for an interaction in a queue, then the After Call Work window opens automatically when an interaction ends.

To complete the after call work:

  1. Search for and select the appropriate wrap-up code for the voice call.
  2. You can enter notes about the interaction in the Insert notes box. The image shows the after call work window in Genesys Cloud CX for Salesforce BYOT.
  3. Click Submit to finish the after call work.
Note: Ensure to complete the after call work before the time allowed for the work expires.

When you submit the after call work, the notes are saved into the Description field and wrap-up code in the Call Resolution field of the Voice Call record in Salesforce for the first time. Thereafter, do not update the notes in Salesforce nor Genesys Cloud as the notes are not synchronized between them.

Pending wrap-ups in Genesys Cloud CX Utility

You can choose to complete the notes for after call work later and close the After Call Work window. Depending on the expiration time set for wrap-up by your administrator, the after call work displays under Pending Wrap-ups in the Genesys Cloud CX Utility window.

This image shows the pending wrap-ups in the Genesys Cloud CX Utility window.