AudioHook Monitor is a mechanism and generic protocol to provide a near real-time stream of voice interactions from the Genesys Cloud platform to any third-party service endpoint. AudioHook Monitor enables partners and customers to extend the open Genesys Cloud platform with services that require monitoring voice interactions in near real-time. For information on how to implement an AudioHook Monitor connection, see the AudioHook Protocol Specification in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center. For information about how to showcase a simple service that implements the Genesys AudioHook protocol, see Genesys AudioHook Sample Service in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center.

Companies use AudioHook Monitor to stream near real-time conversational audio and metadata to customers and partners so that they can support multiple monitoring use cases in parallel.

  • Genesys Cloud supports up to five AudioHook Monitor integrations. This limitation is not configurable by your organization.
  • Genesys Cloud charges during the connection but not for secure or client-initiated pause.
  • You should create AudioHook Monitor servers in the same or near region to keep latency to a minimum.
  • AudioHook Monitor is not supported under BYOC Premises.
  • AudioHook Monitor is not supported for premises-based Edge (LDM).

PCI DSS compliance

This feature adheres to PCI DSS compliance when secure pause runs during secure flows. However, you cannot use it for PCI use cases to stream audio during secure flows. Best practice recommends that you do not use AudioHook Monitor to process audio during PCI-relevant interactions such as Architect secure flows. For more information, see PCI DSS compliance.

For PCI-relevant data collection, the Genesys Cloud secure pause feature temporarily stops the recording and transcription. By association, this feature also pauses AudioHook Monitor streaming of PCI-relevant phases of an interaction.

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AudioHook streaming protocol diagram

When you use AudioHook Monitor, the voice call audio streams to Genesys Cloud over a web socket. The Architect Transcription action enables AudioHook Monitor to start or stop streaming to a third party. You can also add the transcription to a queue and have AudioHook Monitor work on that particular queue.

After your platform analyzes the audio and enables you to perform an action or implement a process through third-party applications according to your organization’s goals and needs. 

Example use case

When you stream Genesys Cloud interactions through an AudioHook Monitor, you can monitor interactions for passive biometrics, transcription, recording, agent coaching, speech analytics, sentiment analysis, and agent assist. We enable multiple streams and use cases to run in parallel. An arbitrary number of streams to third parties means that any partner can build a solution that can listen in on calls to add value. Use cases include:

  • Voice biometrics; for example, verbal recognition of passwords
  • Language work for non-native Genesys Cloud features 

For more information, see About AudioHook Monitor.