Use AudioHook Monitor to stream conversation audio to third-party services and then process that audio for voice biometrics, transcription, recording, and agent assist. This feature adheres to PCI DSS compliance when secure pause runs during secure flows. However, you cannot use it for PCI use cases to stream audio during secure flows. Best practice recommends that you do not use AudioHook Monitor to process audio during PCI-relevant interactions such as Architect secure flows. For more information, see PCI DSS compliance.


AudioHook Monitor allows you to stream conversation audio to third-party vendors.

Configure Genesys Cloud voice transcription  

The voice transcription feature enables AudioHook to start or stop streaming to a third-party. The voice transcription feature is part of Genesys Speech & Text Analytics and includes access to transcripts.

Install, configure, and enable AudioHook Monitor

AudioHook Monitor is available from the Genesys AppFoundry. The first step is to install AudioHook Monitor. Next, configure and activate AudioHook Monitor.

Use AudioHook Monitor in interaction flows

Use AudioHook Monitor in Architect call flows. When you begin streaming, select the appropriate queue or use the Transcription action.