Audio Connector overview

Audio Connector is a mechanism and generic protocol to provide a bi-directional and near real-time stream of voice interactions from the Genesys Cloud platform to a third-party voice bot provider and back. Audio Connector enables partners and customers to extend the open Genesys Cloud platform with their own voice-based bot services and fulfill bi-directional audio streaming needs such as active voice biometrics. For more information about how to implement an Audio Connector connection, see the AudioHook Protocol Specification in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center. For information about how to showcase a simple service that implements the Genesys AudioConnector Protocol, see the Genesys AudioConnector Sample Service Github repository.

You can use Audio Connector to stream near real-time conversational audio and metadata to customers and partners, analyze and process the streamed audio and data, and stream it back to the Genesys Cloud platform. 

  • Genesys Cloud supports up to two Audio Connector integrations. This limitation is an MVP restriction; however, for more information about how to increase the number of installations, contact Genesys Cloud Sales.
  • Genesys Cloud charges during the connection but not for client-initiated pause.
  • Genesys Cloud does not charge additional fair use minutes for voice transcription while you use Audio Connector.
  • Create Audio Connector servers in the same or near region to keep latency to a minimum.
  • Audio Connector is not supported under BYOC Premises.
  • Audio Connector is not supported for premises-based Edge (LDM).

Architecture overview

AudioConnector architecture overview

  Handled by
Conversational session management feature Audio Connector Partner Cloud
Start connection
Silence detection  
Send audio
Receive audio
Generic SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) support in TTS output – play voice files  
Hang-up detection
DTMF detection
Punctuation detection
Close connection
Switch between speech models
Support for custom TTS

When you use Audio Connector, the voice call audio streams from and to the Genesys Cloud platform over a secure web socket. The Architect Call Audio Connector action enables Audio Connector to route your voice interaction to a third-party voice bot and start streaming to it. After your platform analyzes the audio and enables you to perform an action or implement a process through third-party applications according to your organization’s goals and needs, Audio Connector streams the audio back to Genesys Cloud.

Example use case

When you stream Genesys Cloud interactions through an Audio Connector server, you can monitor and process interactions for active voice biometrics, transcription, and Agent Assist. Your Audio Connector server can pause, resume, and end the streaming. You can enable multiple streams and use cases to run in parallel. An arbitrary number of streams to third parties means that any partner can build a solution that can listen in on calls to add value. You can use the audio stream returned from the Audio Connector server for TTS or call steering via Architect.

Use cases include:

  • Active voice biometrics; for example, verbal recognition of passwords
  • Language work for non-native Genesys Cloud features
  • Routing voice interactions to your preferred bot provider

For more information, see About Audio Connector.