Genesys Cloud add-ons and pricing

Find out more about the add-ons available for Genesys Cloud subscriptions. For more information about the various subscription packages, see Overview of Genesys Cloud.

Genesys Cloud digital add-on 

Genesys digital channels include email, chat, and messaging channels. Upgrade your subscription to have digital channels as part of your Genesys Cloud interactions.

Genesys Cloud WEM add-on

Upgrade your subscription to include Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for a comprehensive workforce optimization solution that simplifies the agent experience and helps organizations drive results and employee satisfaction. If you have a WEM subscription, you can also purchase AudioHook Monitor that streams conversation audio to third-party services and further processes the audio for voice biometrics, transcription, recording, and Agent Assist.

Genesys Cloud AI

Genesys AI is a collection of products that bring together multiple artificial intelligence (AI) disciplines in a single platform to personalize, refine, and establish advanced customer and employee experiences. Your organization can consume Genesys AI Experience tokens as you use Genesys Cloud AI, and the tokens are designed for flexibility to adapt to your changing business needs. The quantity of tokens consumed appears on your invoice. New customers and renewals include the Genesys Cloud AI (current model) and do not need to purchase add-ons. 

Genesys AppFoundry add-ons

You can upgrade your Genesys subscription by opting for add-ons from the AppFoundry. Learn how to access the AppFoundry and the various offerings from AppFoundry.

Genesys Analytics add-on

Using the Genesys Cloud Analytics Add-on (A3S), you can monitor and improve call center quality, optimize call center staffing, track performance across channels and queues to drive sales and increase customer retention.