Find out more about the add-ons available for Genesys Cloud subscriptions. For more information about the various subscription packages, see Overview of Genesys Cloud.

Genesys Cloud digital add-on 

Genesys digital channels include email, chat, and messaging channels. Upgrade your subscription to have digital channels as part of your Genesys Cloud interactions.

Genesys Cloud WEM add-on

Upgrade your subscription to include Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for a comprehensive workforce optimization solution that simplifies the agent experience and helps organizations drive results and employee satisfaction. If you have a WEM subscription, you can also purchase AudioHook Monitor that streams conversation audio to third-party services and further processes the audio for voice biometrics, transcription, recording, and Agent Assist.

Genesys Cloud AI

Genesys AI is a collection of products that bring together multiple artificial intelligence (AI) disciplines in a single platform to personalize, refine, and establish advanced customer and employee experiences.

Genesys AppFoundry add-ons

You can upgrade your Genesys subscription by opting for add-ons from the AppFoundry. Learn how to access the AppFoundry and the various offerings from AppFoundry.

Genesys Analytics add-on

Using the Genesys Cloud Analytics Add-on (A3S), you can monitor and improve call center quality, optimize call center staffing, track performance across channels and queues to drive sales and increase customer retention.