When an agent receives an outbound call:

  1. The script associated with the campaign populates the agent’s screen with information about the call, the contact, and the campaign. That action is called screen pop.

    Depending on the campaign’s dialing mode, the contact is already connected, or the agent can review the contact record before placing the outbound call. In Preview mode, the agent can skip the contact.

  2. The agent follows instructions in the script.

  3. When the call ends, the agent classifies the call outcome for reporting purposes by choosing one wrap-up code from a list. Administrators define wrap-up codes for each campaign, such as “Made Sale” or “Not Interested.” The agent dispositions the call and then returns to an available status.

    Either an agent or the system dispositions every outbound call to indicate what happened. For example, the outbound dialing system automatically dispositions unsuccessful contact attempts (such as busy, no answer, and SIT). Outbound dialing reports summarize call disposition data.