How Genesys Cloud delivers outbound calls to agents

Genesys Cloud follows this process from the time an outbound campaign places a call to the time an agent answers the call.

  1. An outbound campaign places a call.
  2. Call progress analysis begins:

    1. Signaling analysis begins.
    2. Network tone analysis begins.
  3. An entity, for example, an IVR, answering machine, fax machine, or live person, answers the call. 
  4. If answering machine detection (AMD) is enabled, call media analysis begins.

    1. Live speech detection (LSD) begins.
    2. Live person detection begins.
    3. Answering machine detection begins.
  5. Call progress analysis classifies the called entity.
  6. Call progress analysis and (if answering machine detection is enabled) call media analysis completes.
  7. Media microservices or premises-based Edge publishes the call information.
  8. The system places the call in an ACD queue.
  9. ACD logic routes the call to an agent with the correct skills.
  10. The agent answers the call.
  11. The agent and the called entity are now communicating.

Tips for improving delivery time to agents

To reduce the time for Genesys Cloud to deliver outbound calls to agents, administrators and contact center managers can: