This table lists the configurable properties of a campaign by dialing mode:

Property Purpose Agentless Power Predictive Preview Progressive
Abandon Rate Maximum percentage of abandoned calls allowed for the campaign.
Agent Script Written words and logic an agent follows while processing a call.
Allow Skipping of Preview Calls Whether agents can bypass a preview contact.
Call Response How the campaign responds to live persons, answering machines, and so on.
Contactable Time Set Set of time zone names and when calling can occur for each.
Caller ID Name The caller ID name that contacts see.
Caller ID Phone Number The caller ID phone number that contacts see.
Campaign Name The name of a campaign. Each campaign is a collection of settings that tell Outbound Dialing how to contact a list of persons in a prescribed way.
Contact List List of contacts for a campaign to dial.
Contact List Numbers Phone number columns in the contact list that this campaign dials.
Dialing Group Associates the campaign with an Edge group or a site.
Dialing Mode Method used to place outbound calls.
Division Division is a administer-defined category used to give persons with the same permissions access to different resources. To administer a campaign, the Dialer admin must belong to the same division as the campaign.
DNC Lists Tables containing phone numbers that this campaign does not dial, even if the contact list contains those numbers.
Edge Group Associates the campaign with a group of Edges that can share resources, such as tie lines and long-distance lines.
Enable Preview Timer Whether to allow each agent a fixed amount of time to preview the contact record before automatically dialing the contact. When the timer is off, an agent can take any amount of time to preview a contact record before it is dialed. The duration of preview time is configurable for each campaign.
Number of Outbound Lines Maximum number of lines a campaign can consume.
Queue Which agents participate in a campaign.
Rule Sets Rule sets apply automation to the processing of campaign records.
Site Associates the campaign with the home of a set of phones, Edge devices, or a combination of the two.
Contact List Sorting Sort by contact list column(s) at campaign startup or recycle.
Contact List Filters Apply a contact list filter at campaign startup to limit the dialing to contacts that match the filter.