Add script components

Components are visual controls that you add to a script page.

component icons on the toolbox

Icon Purpose of component
vertical-stack-icon Stacks child components below one another. See Vertical stack container.
horizontal-stack-icon Stacks child components beside one another. See Horizontal stack container.
readonly-text-icon Adds text that the agent cannot modify at run time. See Read-only text.
button-icon Adds a button to trigger an action. See Button.
text-input-icon Prompts for alphanumeric text. See Text input.
numeric-input-icon Prompts for numeric input. See Numeric input.
date-input-icon Prompts for a date. See Date input.
link-icon Adds a hyperlink to trigger an action. See Link.
checkbox-icon Permits the agent to make a binary (yes or no) choice. See Checkbox.
radio-button-icon Allows the agent to choose only one of a predefined set of options. See Radio button.
dropdown-icon Allows an agent to select one value from a list. See Dropdown.
image-icon Displays a graphic. See Image.
components_toolbox Embeds a web page within a script. See Web page.
markdown component icon Lets you quickly format text.
contact list form icon Creates a simple form that agents can use to update information when processing an outbound call. The form is a vertical list of labeled text box controls. Each text box corresponds to a column in the contact list. The icon for this component is hidden until the script is associated with the contact list of an outbound campaign. See Contact list form.
Cut, copy, or paste Cuts, copies or pastes components.


If the window or device is small or medium sized, the toolbar changes to a drop down list:

Figure shows components toolbar as a drop down list.

You can also select components by name from the Add Components tab.

Figure shows the Add Components tab