Scripting: what outbound admins need to know

Create a custom script for any campaign. Without writing code.

Scripts display records and directions to agents that handle any inbound or outbound call. Properly designed scripts enhance the customer experience while ensuring consistent treatment of interactions by agents. Using Genesys Cloud’s script editor, you can create campaign scripts visually, without programming or writing in HTML. For more information about scripting documentation, see Scripting concepts.

Scripts for outbound calls

Most outbound dialing modes require a script. A script tells the agent what to say, what data to collect or update, and how to navigate between stages of a call. It provides any combination of forms, text, graphics, and navigation logic that an agent needs.

Scripts guide agents through stages of a call, for example, to pitch a product or service, confirm a customer’s address, or enter an order. Agents branch between pages by clicking buttons or hyperlinks.

When the outbound dialing campaign sends a call to an agent, the script displays information about the contact. Agents enter information they collect or update to the contact list dialed by the campaign. Depending upon the campaign’s dialing mode, the script presents information before or after dialing occurs.


Since not all contacts are receptive or available, scripts record the outcome of every call for reporting purposes. Agents can optionally schedule a callback.

When a campaign call is successful, the script assists to close the deal, usually by prompting to collect information from the contact. Agents fill out forms at this stage. Where applicable, after call work can take place after the connection has ended. The agent has an opportunity after each call to change status.

Scripts for inbound calls

You can develop scripts for inbound calls in an architect flow that chooses the script, sets the data, and then routes the call to an agent.

Script editor

Create scripts using the Script editor. See Scripting concepts for background information and details.