Add a blank schedule

You can generate a schedule for a specific week. The selection choice varies, depending on the start date you designated for the management unit.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Workforce Management, click Schedules.
  3. From the Business Unit list, located in the upper right corner, select the business unit.
  4. (Optional) To change the time zone in which you view data, in the upper right hand corner select the current time zone list.
    Note: By default, the view uses the business unit's time zone.
  5. Click Add. The Add Blank Schedule page opens.
  6. Click the calendar button at the end of the Schedule Week box and select the week.
  7. Click the arrows at the end of the Number Of Weeks box to indicate the schedule length, from one to six weeks.
  8. Optionally add a description for the schedule.
  9. Click OK. The schedule editor opens to the Add Agents dialog box.

  1. Open the new schedule.
  2. From the Select Action menu, click Add Agents. The Add Agents dialog box opens.
  3. In the Available Agents column, do one of the following:
    • Scroll through the list and click add next to each agent you want to add.
    • In the Filter Items box, type a few letters of the agent you want to add and then select it from the list
    • To add all available agents to the schedule, click Add All.
    • To remove all agents from the schedule, click Remove All.
      Note: When you select an agent from Available Agents, the agent moves to the Selected Agents column.
  4. When you finish adding agents to the schedule, click OK

Some available options depend on the current schedule view. In the schedule editor, to view available options click the arrow at the end of the toolbar, or the Select Action menu.


Task Description Keyboard shortcut
Publish Publish the schedule and optionally add informational details. N/A
Filter and Sort Filter agent schedules by queue, skills, or languages. Sort by agent name, paid hours, shift start or end time, and ascending or descending order. Shift + F
Reschedule Perform an automated intraday rescheduling operation to incorporate manual changes made to the forecast associated with the schedule. N/A
Undo Reverses the last action performed. Ctrl + Z
Redo Repeats the last action performed. Ctrl + Y
Export Export schedule activities, agent shifts, scheduled and forecast counts, and activity counts. N/A
Display Options In View by Day and View by Date Range, customize how information appears in the schedule editor for past schedules. N/A
Show Summary View and copy to your clipboard summary calculations for statistics in a specific schedule. Shift + U
View Shift History View a history of unsaved shift changes and select from a list of modifications. Shift + H
Add Full Day Time Off Add a full day of time-off to an agent within a schedule. Ctrl + Shift + F

Select Action menu

Task Description Keyboard shortcut
Assign Shift Assign shifts from one agent to another. Shift + Q and Shift + T
Replace Shifts with Activity Replace an entire shift or shifts with a selected activity. Shift + R
Replace Activity Replace an activity or activities with another activity in a schedule. Shift + B
Swap Shifts Swap one agent's shifts with another agent. Shift + W
Copy Activity to Agents Copy an activity to one or more agents in the schedule. Shift + A
Copy Shift to Agents Copy an agent's shift to one or more agents. Shift + M
Copy Shift to Days Copy an agent's shift to one or more days. Shift + D
Remove Selected Remove one or more agent shifts from the selected schedule. Delete
Remove Activity Code in Range Remove one or more activities from a single or multiple shifts within a specific time range. Delete
Add Agents Include more agents in the selected schedule N/A
Remove Agents Exclude one or more agents in the selected schedule N/A
Show Time Off Request Differences View and synchronize time off requests. Shift + V
Show Keyboard Shortcuts View the list of keyboard shortcuts that help administrators manage schedule editing Shift + K
View adherence information in the schedule editor In View by Day and View by Date Range, you can customize the schedule editor to show agent adherence information for past schedules.  In Display Options, enable Show Adherence.

Click the Publish button on the right side of the toolbar.