Scheduled Callbacks view

  • Analytics > Conversation Detail > View assigned to any user role
  • Routing > Queue > View assigned to any user role
  • UI > Supervisor Scheduled Callbacks > View 
  • To view columns related to campaigns: Outbound > Campaign View assigned to any user role

Use the Scheduled Callbacks view to see and cancel callbacks scheduled by agents during interactions. To view the Scheduled Callbacks view, click PerformanceScheduled Callbacks.

To filter the list by queue, campaign, or division, type all or part of a name in a Filter by … box. Select from the choices displayed. Then click Apply.

Filter by queue

Note: The callbacks are automatically placed on behalf of the queue or campaign, and use the queue’s ANI or the campaign’s ANI, not the agent’s ANI.

To cancel a callback, click the Cancel Callback button beside the callback you want to cancel. Cancel callback

Columns in this view

Column Description
Name Name of person to be called back.
Callback Numbers Telephone numbers to be dialed.
Scheduled Time Date and time when call back will occur.
Queue Queue to place the call on. This field is blank if there is no queue, which can occur if the callback is associated with a campaign.
Campaign Campaign associated with the callback. This field is blank if the callback is not associated with a campaign.

Filters the view by division. Type all or part of a division name to display only callbacks for that division.

Actions Currently a single action is supported, to cancel a callback.
Note: In some instances, a scheduled callback has both a queue and a campaign associated with it. When that occurs, the queue takes precedence over the campaign.