Access control configuration objects

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In PureCloud, configuration objects are specific resources within the organization. Administrators can group and associate specific PureCloud configuration objects within a division, and then using access control, selectively grant access to the objects in that division. This access includes view, add, edit, and delete.

If you have two business locations, an East Coast location in Raleigh and a West Coast location in San Francisco, organize the objects specific to those locations. 

  • A primary queue for East Coast support, the East Coast office’s call flow menu, and East Coast-based employees can belong to the Raleigh division.
  • A primary queue for West Coast support, the West Coast office’s call flow menu, and West Coast-based employees can belong to the San Francisco division.
  • You can also add objects that don’t logically belong to location-based divisions to yet another division, such as Corporate or Customer Care. Here, you can add the company’s primary call flow, marketing or priority support queues, and outbound campaigns.
Note: A configuration object can only belong to one division. By default, all objects belong to the Home division. You can rename the Home division, and you can move objects into and out of it. However, you cannot delete it. You can group objects into the Home division or create new divisions in which to store them. For more information, see Divisions overview.

This table describes the current list of objects for which you can configure access control.

Configuration object Description
Queues View, add, edit, and delete specific queues. 

View, add, edit, and delete data for specific users and agents, including status monitoring, skills, profile, and other person details.

Note: A user as a configuration object refers to data about the user. Adding a user to a division does not give that user access to any object data or specific divisions. For more information, see Users as objects vs. users with access in Access control configuration objects.

Flows View, add, edit, and delete specific flows for all flow types in Architect.
Outbound campaigns View, add, edit, and delete specific campaigns.
Management units View, add, edit, and delete information in specific workforce management units.