Products, roles, and permissions list

Note: In 2017, PureCloud updated the following roles: 
  • Engage User to PureCloud User
  • Engage Supervisor to PureCloud Supervisor

If you created your organization prior to 2017, the legacy role names may appear.

Important: The license for each role corresponds to the most expensive permission assigned to the role. The license represents the cost associated with assigning the role. You can find specific information about features and the licenses required to use them in the PureCloud Pricing Guide on the Genesys corporate website. Under Compare plans, click to expand the feature you want to learn more about.

The following PureCloud features currently require additional permissions settings to view:

  • Contact center features—The agent role is required to view agent contact center features, and the supervisor role is required to view the Queue and Agent dashboards and to view reports.
  • Voicemail—A voicemail permission is required for a user to view voicemails. Follow these steps to add this permission:
    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under People and Permissions, click Roles/Permissions.
    3. On the Communicate – User row, click Edit Role.
    4. Click the Permissions tab.
    5. Click All Permissions.
    6. Select the Voicemail > Voicemail > Receive check box.
    7. Click Save.

Click the tabs below to view the default roles and permissions. This list is subject to change.